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The Lily Branch.

In the midst of tackling her personal problems, DI Elizabeth Jewell investigates her biggest case, the investigation into the murder of top photographic model, Lily Jerome.
Within forty eight hours a second victim is discovered near an isolated farm and Jewell searches for a link between the two crimes. Plunged into the fashion industry’s darker side she is criticised by the media for focusing on fashion photographer Miles Keaton as the prime suspect.
. Nick Calbrain, a Canadian investigative journalist from Bristol is after a sensational story. As editor of a successful newspaper, he delves into the Jerome murder engineering a meeting with Jewell who he immediately finds attractive. Under pressure from his superiors, Detective Superintendent Daly suspends Jewell for misconduct. This is when Calbrain offers to help.
From then on, the two collaborate to solve the double mystery. However, for Jewell, pursuing the killer will change her life forever. With her career in jeopardy for breaking too many rules, she has nothing to lose, except maybe her life.

About Carole Pitt

Carole Pitt has worked in the fashion business for many years. As a designer, a manufacturer and also in sales promotion.
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