DI Elizabeth Jewell murder mystery series.

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Book 4
The devastating December floods have abated and the Ides of March dawns unseasonably warm. DI Elizabeth Jewell ponders on the significance of the date and hopes it will not prove as inauspicious for her as it did for Julius Caesar. What could possibly go wrong with hosting a dinner party?
Jewell soon finds out after a call from DS Patterson. Abandoning her plans, she heads to a remote rural area previously devastated by weeks of torrential rain. A lock keeper has discovered a badly decomposed body in an old culvert. With no means to identify the victim, Jewell’s team struggle to make progress in finding the killer.
Two small communities who live on the flood plain exacerbate her problems. A group of traveller’s squatting on a farm paddock and the residents of a mobile home site don’t always see eye to eye.
Unknown to Jewell and her team, someone is closely monitoring the investigation. Who is this observer? How do they know so much, and what is their agenda?


Book 3.

When Keith Wilson, an art teacher at Grasmere Academy is murdered, DI Elizabeth Jewell expects to lead the investigation. Within hours, her new boss DCI Liam Yeats takes over and excludes both her and Sergeant Patterson from the case without giving a valid reason. However, Yeats’s policy is short lived when he realises alienating Jewell and her team is counterproductive.
Jacob Morven, a Canadian citizen from a remote area of North-Western British Columbia is the prime suspect. Although the evidence against him points to his guilt, DI Jewell has doubts. Keith Wilson, the victim, had boasted of a change in his fortune, implying he was about to receive a substantial amount of money. With this in mind, Jewell looks further afield for other suspects. As the mystery deepens, Jewell and Patterson look back almost three hundred years to the origins of a lost artefact.
Amidst escalating dissent at Park Road HQ, Elizabeth tackles yet another problem. Where is her previous boss, DCS Daly and is his unexpected disappearance connected to the current situation?





Book 2                       Free

It is Christmas morning and Maggie Mercer finds something under a tree. This tree is no Norwegian spruce sheltering shiny parcels. Instead, beneath a towering pine, she discovers a man’s body roped to a fence post.
Detective Inspector Elizabeth Jewell leaves a family get together in Oxford to attend the scene. The victim is Harry Steele, a local stonemason.
As the investigation progresses, Jewell and Patterson uncover Steele’s unsavoury past. One clear fact emerges, Steele had many enemies. However, which one of them wanted him dead?
Still recovering from a previous case Jewell and Patterson must unravel their suspect’s lies and their complex motives.




Book 1

In the midst of tackling her personal problems, DI Elizabeth Jewell investigates her biggest case, the murder of top fashion model Lily Jerome.
After a second body turns up on an isolated farm, Jewell searches for a link between the crimes, aided by newspaper editor Nick Calbrain.
For Jewell, pursuing the killer will change her life forever. With her career in jeopardy for breaking too many rules, she has nothing to lose, except maybe her life.



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