Help save the salmon in Northwestern British Columbia.

Tell the feds to hit pause button on giant mine in Nass salmon watershed — Sierra Club BC

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Another new UK crop circle.

 This time in Dorset.

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Review of Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver

This is the first Barbara Kingsolver book I have read and have mixed feelings about it. While the premise of the story and Ms Kingsolver’s writing are very good I felt it was slightly marred by long sections which did not enhance the book or move the story along. <br>One particular shopping trip which I confess to skipping most of. However, will read her debut novel which my daughter says is very good.

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King’s Road Chelsea !968.

‘Just Looking’, one of the best shops on the King’s Road back then. You could buy great copies of Courreges designs.

And now!

Courrèges | AHAlife

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Painswick Rococo Gardens.

Painswick has many interesting places to visit, as well as interesting happenings. Filming of JK Rowling’s adaptation of ‘The Casual Vacancy,’ took place in early July, unfortunately not in the Rococo Gardens, a popular and unique tourist attraction. Maybe JK didn’t know about it.

Never mind, another crime or mystery writer might be inspired by the setting!!

Welcome to the Rococo Gardens in Gloucestershire

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New crop circle in my county.

Crop Circle at Parkers Hill Plantation, nr Cherington, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Reported 27th July   2014

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below the equator


They're coming to get me They’re coming to get me

Another piranha in the Blogpond. Leeches in the mud, snake oil charmers, smart-ass-sassed college dropouts, beautiful brothers and sisters, too young and unformed to understand anything much about life beyond waking up each day to the immortal hangover that is the voracious spawn of our youthful  attachment to greed and hedonism.

‘Be happy, like me, and do what you love!’

Cambrdge UK 1988, Wednesday morning, 08.36. I cycle up the hill past the County Council offices. I am a Kelly Girl, minus the perfect hair and pretty blouse fastened at the cuff. My arms are too long and I have no hair arranging skill. I climb the stone stairs of the brown brick 1960’s style municipal building. A wealth of the most romantic stone spires and sanctuaries dating back to the 14th century all around and my luck chooses this place. I hang up…

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Visit Gloucestershire’s vibrant Arts festival between 17th July and 25th August.

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Art Couture in Painswick Gloucestershire. July 13th

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New searches authorised in McCann case.

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